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BIB and HAST Boards Abrel designs and manufactures boards for all system types, in all the latest technology including laser drilling, filled and capped microvia. Boards can be supplied for very high temperatures upt to 300degC ......more
Bibtest55XL BIB tester The BIbtest55XL is Abrel’s market leading burn-in board tester. The system will test any style of BIB. With a  maximum number of 2048 test channels, each can be programmed as force, sense, driven guard or V stimulus. ......more 
Endzone Burn-in System The Endzone is a Burn-in System configured for multiple lot testing. A modular driver platform accommodates PSU, CLK and modules which include SPI, Imeas, and many other function options. ......more
Socket Test Probes Abrel Products designs and manufactures socket test probes for all socket types, including QFN, CSP, QFP, SOP and BGA. Solutions available for testing fine pitch  sockets  to 0.4mm. ......more
Endzone Mobile System The Endzone Mobile System, provides a flexible interface to a HTOL, HAST or PTC qualification chamber. All of the control electronics, CLK driver boards, PSU and PC interface are self-contained in the unit. ......more
Quickpick Loader The Quickpick semi-automatic loader / unloader is designed to facilitate the loading and unloading of multiple BIB types. A quick release system facilitates the changeover of the actuating plate for different board types. ......more
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Trade Shows BiTS 2015 March 15-18 Mesa Arizona   Abrel will be exhibiting at BiTS Burn-in and Test Strategies Workshop, the world's premier workshop dedicated to providing a forum for the latest information about burn-in and test tooling .......more